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Food by Beth Marcil Beth Marcil recently had one of her original art pieces on the cover of Spirit of Aloha, the official magazine of Aloha Airlines. Now, four of her large paintings have been used to enhance the walls of the Kau Kau Market in Maui Marketplace. There are two vertical and two horizontal paintings, each three by four feet.
Maui Marketplace commissioned Beth to paint the four oil paintings depicting Hawaiian culture. The original artwork, shown here, has been digitized onto fabric that hangs in the food court. The scenes from our Hawaiian heritage have transformed the bare upper walls of Kau Kau Market. Music by Beth Marcil
Beth has a passion for the richness and the energetic colors of nature. In her work for the food court, Beth weaves elements of color and texture, light and shadow into a unique visual interpretation that communicates the vibrancy and passion of the tropical environment of Maui.
Fishing by Beth Marcil
Paddlers by Beth Marcil
Beth Marcil moved to Maui in 1985, leaving a career in commercial art where she was an illustrator and art director. On Maui, she became one of a community of artists, rich in the culture and spiritualism of the island, who helped her explore new forms of art. She now works in pastels, oils, acrylics, monotype, watercolor and fiber arts. In 1990, she joined with about 20 other artists to form the artist collective which opened Viewpoints Gallery in Upcountry Maui.

The originals of the works are for sale. To acquire one of them, please contact Viewpoints Gallery to arrange for an appointment. To email them click here or call them at 808-572-5979.

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