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Oils and Fine Art Prints
Julie is well known in the Maui art community as a printmaker and painter. She has done much to introduce Maui to fine art prints and printmaking as an art method. She divides her time equally between printmaking and oil painting.

Heart of the Matter - Oil on Canvas
36 x 36 inches
Julie's work is about grace and subtlety. Both her oil paintings and her original prints, often characterized by quietness, tend to make a discernable impact on the psyche. Frequently, because they don't reach out and grab you, it takes a second look to find the classicism, the literature and the poetry of her imagery.
Her works soak up Maui's colors. Although her work is appealing and can be used decoratively, its real power is transporting one's consciousness to another place. They become a part of you for a long long time.
Ti From Hana VI - Oil on Canvas

Hibiscus II - Relief Print on Hibiscus Paper
Julie has become known for integration of paper she makes with the image she prints, making fine art prints on paper she has made. Her paper is made of various fibers, mostly obtained on Maui. This is an hibiscus, the Hawaii State Flower, printed on hibiscus paper. You can see an almost full scale replica of this image on her web site.

Julie says.
"I try to strike a balance between organization and spontaneity and to respond to what is evolving in my paintings and my prints. My goal is to keep my images open to interpretation so the process continues with the viewer's involvement . . . to write their own story from my colors and images, to evoke their own experience."
Julie's is one of the featured artists at Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao, Maui, Hawaii and also has her own website.

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