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Beth Marcil's Art
One of Beth Marcil's paintings was recently chosen to appear on the cover of Spirit of Aloha, the official magazine of Aloha Airlines. Now, her work appears predominately on the walls of Kau Kau corner, the dining area in Maui Marketplace. More

The Art of Sue Nash
Memory by Sue Nash

Maui Artist Sue Nash was featured during November with sculptor Louise Warner in Permanent Moments at Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao. Both artists deal with timelessness in their work. Although she works in several mediums, Sue has become well-known for her monotypes which communicate the past through visual impressions of Hawaiian petroglyphs. More

Julie Schoenecker - Art Experimenter
One of Maui Artist Julie Schoenecker's strengths is her willingness to experiment. Her followers never cease to be surprised at what she turns out next. Although some realism can be found in her work, more often than not it is a work that comes from some place not of this world. More

Duke Ellington's Come Sunday
by Julie Schoenecker

Piiholo Road by Diana Dorenzo
Piiholo Road by Diana Dorenzo
Diana Dorenzo's New Work
Recently, Diana Dorenzo has been working in black and white as well as full-color oils and pastels. Her stunning new oils and pastels are influenced by her upcountry environment. This new work is intense and powerful. Her colorful palette and bold strokes are softened by blending. She has gained a reputation for capturing the light in landscapes and for catching exciting moments, gestures and events as they happen. More
Kit Gentry's Work
We thought you'd like to see the work of Maui Artist Kit Gentry who works in oils, pastels, and charcoal drawings. His work is mostly of panoramas of Upcountry Maui with some breathtaking night views. More
Sculptor Patrick McGowan
Patrick J. McGowan, now living in California, continues to show his work at Viewpoints Gallery at The Courtyard in Makawao. More

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