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Maui Island Currents is owned and maintained by Island Currents, Inc. of Maui, Hawaii. We are committed to providing current information about the islands that is sensitive to the island culture in a format that makes it easy to find. Maui Island Currents will soon be the most comprehensive information source on the internet for helping Maui visitors and Maui residents find helpful information on arts and culture, dining, activities and events on the island. Every business and non-profit organization providing services in these four categories will be listed together with a convenient way to visit or contact them. We offer to be "Your friend on the island."

A focus of Island Currents is the artists and people that bring us, or have brought us, our culture. In Hawaii, that means going from the first days of the ancient Polynesians, and the heritage they left us in chants and petroglyphs, to the present visual and performing arts. As Rudolph Steiner once said, "The artist does not bring the divine onto the earth by letting it flow into the world; he raises the world into the sphere of the divine." So our pages weave the arts and culture, wherever possible, into every dining experience, activity and event.

Our pages are visually pleasing and content rich. We keep our pages small so they will load fast, even with low-bandwidth systems. At the same time, we provide easy navigation between the pages so moving between them is simple and intuitive.

We accept content from island residents and visitors and we support ourselves by accepting advertising. Both must meet our standards.

Please contact us with questions or input, to place an ad, or to submit free listing information.


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